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At peace I must be with the brutal truth

To truly lead the way

Marcus McGovern
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(( Note: This is an RPG character journal ONLY. I created it for use in charloft. More importantly, the images of Tuomas Holopainen are not mine. I'm not him, and I don't know him. I stole his pretty pretty face for my own gains. This character was created for Cry Havoc!, a Supernatural RPG. Check it out! ))

Name: Marcus McGovern
Nicknames: None, but he's open to suggestions.
Date of Birth/Age: 35 years old
Place of Birth: Boise, ID
Last known Address: Stanley, ID
Alignment: True-Neutral
PB: The very attractive and very talented Tuomas Holopainen. Just try and pronounce it. I can't.
Physical Description:Tall and skinny, the sort who can eat a big mac and not gain an ounce.As if he ate big macs. He has nearly-waist-length black hair which is rarely pulled back. His clothing is often of the 'whatever' mood set.Since the change, he's been less comfortable in clothing, so simply goes with what's comfortable.
Biography: Marcus is the product of hippies turned yuppies. Parents, who in their glory days,went by names such as "Flower" and "Earth Child." This lasted until Marcus was old enough to go to school, and his parents realized it might be about time to get some serious work done.

They got respectable jobs and as Marcus grew up, acquired enough money for a fancy house up in the Boise foothills and a summer cabin in Stanley.

Marcus loved that house. Summers in the mountains, with his parents love of nature spurring his curiosity about the natural world around him. Hikes into the mountains, swimming in clear lakes, camping under the stars.It was all so amazing to him, and he slowly began to revere nature as a spiritual thing.

Through research, he came to discover and s tudya religious movement loosely based on the ancient Druids of Ireland.Very loosely. In name only, mostly. Making no attempt at following the practices of those early transvestites, Marcus adapted the beliefs intoa sincere reverence for the virgin earth and all her beauties. Animals being pure of soul, and of trees being ancient wise observers.

As he reached his twenties, his parents told him they were selling the cabin because they had no desire to care for it anymore.

Marcus jumped at this chance, and moved into it himself, forsaking the city life and taking on a simpler life tucked away in the mountains, three miles off the highway up a dirt road. Perfect.

Not to say he was completely cut off, nor that he turned to a primitive live-off-the-land existence. He had a log cabin with satellite television, a laptop, and a cellphone. He even drove a jeep to get him to town and back.

He took up painting during that first sequestered winter, and found he had a knack for it. His painting became his income. He sold art online, and at a small gallery in town. Not to say he was good enough to have an entire gallery to himself, it was more of a giftshop that sold his stuff.

One summer when he was in his early twenties, he was outon an evening walk and came across the mangled corpse of a wolf. He was so caught up in the scene that he completely failed to sense the creature coming up behind him.

There was no sound, no pain, just blackness and he awoke the next morning lying on blood soaked ground, but without a scratch.

The next several months were confusing to say the least. Strange images in his head of hunting, of running in the wild. Waking up naked in the forest. Craving fresh, fresh meat.

It took almost a year, but memories started surfacing of his nights out.

Of course he'd heard of werewolves. Even given thought to some of the validity of the stories. But to think that he had become one? That was bordering on absurd.

Well. Not entirely. His best guess was that the spirit of the wolf was so angered by its untimely and gruesome demise that it lashed out and gave its spirit to the closest being. And that's what he came to believe.

With this realization he sought to take control of the beast. It took years of study before he felt he had mastered the wolf's spirit enough to bring it under his control.

While wolf he is just as another animal. Not a monster, just a wolf who loves to run under the full moon.

He has learned to change at will, but the full moon is still a holy night for him, to feel the wolf takeover and go wherever he takes them. Freedom. Beauty. Peace.

In this way, he lived a simple life for many years. But something changed. He took to the roads, seeking something, he wasn't even sure what. He encountered Jody Kesler, her son Rory, and a photographer named Chelsea Claremont. The four of them traveled the roads together on a ceaseless trek across the countryside.

Marcus and Chelsea grew close, and eventually married on the road.

This road trip and the reasons behind it are Jody's story, but it ended in a confrontation with their adversary, and Rory's father, James, joined the band. They settled once again in Marcus's old home in the woods, living for many years in peace.

Circumstances, as they often do, changed, and the group found itself moving to New York City. Marcus was not entirely keen on this, but it was a chance to start a new life. Around this time, Chelsea became pregnant, and Molly Elaine McGovern was born on September 1st, 2011. Very shortly after this event, things started happening in the city.

Being a werewolf was no longer safe, and Marcus sent his family away and went into hiding with the werewolves in New Jersey. He found himself put in command of the pack after an assassination. Recently his wife and child have returned to him.

Currently he lives in an abandoned sanatorium in New Jersey, waiting and gathering resources for the coming war.
Personality:Very laid back. He's of the opinion that everything happens is supposed to, and there's not much you can do about it. He's quiet, doesn't speak much, but not afraid of people. He is deeply spiritual. He believes that the very earth he walks in is sacred, and that what people would call the curse of lycanthropy is in fact a blessing from the wild. Thebest of man and beast in one package.
Likes: He likes his cigarettes a little too much. As far as he's been able to tell, he'sfairly immune to most maladies of the flesh, so doesn't sweat the side-effects. He loves the rush of being the wolf, and eagerly anticipates the full moon night.
Dislikes: People who take advantage of the world around them.
Characters Favorite Whatever: The Sawtooth National Forest. The lakes, the mountains, the open meadows and fields.
Character's Theme song: Iced Earth - A Charge To Keep, Halloween - Paint a New World, Garth Brooks - The Change, Nightwish - Sacrament of Wilderness, Disney - Colors of the Wind

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